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If you aren’t yet familiar with us, we would like to introduce ourselves briefly:

As a medium-sized company based in the western Münsterland region, we have been involved in the area of steam boiler system construction – often in the form of container steam boiler systems including all peripheral equipment – for over 25 years and now have around 80 qualified employees.

Our daily activities are focused on reliability, expertise and flexibility – challenge us!

The following is a short excerpt from our diverse portfolio:

  • Container steam boiler systems incl. all parts belonging to a functioning system as well as heat recovery measures. Accommodation in custom-size containers according to your circumstances and requirements – and without construction measures at your premises.

  • Full service for all aspects of steam boiler systems and hot water systems for the areas of boiler technology, furnaces and water technology with our own staff.

  • Repairs/welding work on steam boilers and pressure vessels as a specialist company with HP0 process approval, including on stone hardening boilers in the calcareous sandstone industry.

  • Rental boiler systems for diverse uses such as bridging bottlenecks in the event of boiler damage or temporary consumption peaks, ensuring the supply of steam during conversion work and many others besides.


Feel free to take a look around, including on our homepage at www.dampfkessel.com