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Oil detectors

The warning device in the wall-mounted housing provides timely notification of liquid accumulations that can occur, for example, due to tank leaks, build-up or flooding. OM 5 consists of a signal part with visual / acoustic alarm, test / acknowledgement button and relay output. Up to five optoelectronic probes can be connected. The probes are mounted at the lowest point on the object to be monitored. An alarm is triggered in the event of contact with the escaping liquid. The acoustic alarm can be stopped with the acknowledgement button. The visual alarm ends after the leakage has been eliminated. The test button enables a function check by simulating an alarm event. Additional external signal transmitters can be connected via the potential-free relay contact. The warning devices are suitable for switch panel mounting by means of a mounting frame.

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Oil detector OM5, Afriso

The Afriso oil-water detector can be used in conjunction with 1 to 5 optoelectronic probes to detect oils such as heating oil, diesel fuel, low-viscosity group AIII lubricating oils, engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oil, vegetable oil, transformer oils and water.

The OM5 is an indicator with built-in operating lamp, alarm lamp, switchable buzzer and output relay. The optoelectronic probes are mounted on the points that are to be monitored. The oil detector is designed for wall mounting in dry rooms. With mounting frame, installation is possible in a switch cabinet or control panel.


The optoelectronic probes are not included in the scope of delivery.

Output: 1 potential-free switching contact
General building authority approval: Z-65.40-214

Technical data:

Voltage: 230 V ~
Current intensity: 2 A
Protection class: IP 30
Dimensions H x W x D: 163 x 79 x 62 mm
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Optoelectronic probe for OM5, WM5

The Afriso optoelectronic probe is used to detect liquids in conjunction with the OM5 oil detector and the WM5 water detector. - Diameter 10 mm - response height 5 mm - cable length 10 m
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